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Havoxicon is a name given to this DSP environment, built up around the Rungler. The Rungler is a control signal generator based on a shift register, and described by Rob Hordijk. The rest of this environment has some similarity with the Blippoo Box, a 12 potmeter mini synth made by Rob. For more info see this blog entry.

This MacOS application is built with Max from Cycling74. Should you have an iPad with Mira installed on it, then you can use that as a control device for Havoxicon.
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This application is free, and in it, the source code (at least, part of it) is included. You find it when you choose About Havoxicon from the menu. It only works on MacOS. If you feel that this app has some value for you, and want to express it beyond words of praise; in that case there is a Pay Pall option below.

Before using the 'Pay now' button below, which results in making a payment, read and understand the following: Making a payment is done voluntarily, as a contribution to work of which the result can also be enjoyed freely, i.e. without making a payment. A refund is not possible at any time. Making a payment does not imply the right for warranty, the right to receive support or any right whatsoever. Prices are listed excluding 21% VAT.
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