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For the Road

Take a Pocket Code

PdParty, a magnificant app for iOS, runs PureData patches. PdParty makes it possible to always have an electronic instrument in the pocket. Great for a train ride.


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DH Just Can't

Afford to Lose LOOS

Al vier decennia is LOOS een broedplaats voor baanbrekende ontwikkelingen die er consequent toe hebben bijgedragen dat Den Haag op het gebied van nieuwe muziek een van de meest levendige en creatieve steden ter wereld is geworden.


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Langton's Ant

Walking the Space

How simple computer code displays complex emergent behavior. An approach to using computation in order "to learn that which without the computer would not be learned."


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Raw Dates @ iii

This took place on the 3rd of September 2020 with Lena, Sean and Raoul, in the series Raw Dates.

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AC Toolkit

Noise - Noise - Noise

A package for Max that introduces probability distributed noise based on a concatenation of sine wave periods. You see?