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johan van kreij

music • improvisation • composition • electronic objects • instrument design • code development • teaching and research • generative processes • dots

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jvkr • music

Music’s foremost meaning is that of communal and participative activity; at least, that’s how I see it. In my own work, this aspect of the communal manifests through improvisation and instrument building which privileges that. In such activities, I like to see my role primarily as participating in rather than mastering of what I’ve created. Important guiding principles I find in David Tudor’s observation that the “object should teach you what it wants to hear” and Paul Berg’s insight that code could be employed in order “to hear that which without the computer could not be heard.”
Brief CV
Improvisor, composer and maker who aims through his work to create a lens on contemporary technology which is employed in order to extend, invert or disassemble the musical situation. His collaborations cover the fields of music, architecture, choreography, visual arts and music-theatre in which he worked closely with Dick Raaijmakers, Peter van Bergen, Frances Marie Uitti, Paul Koek, Marie Guilleray, Ted Stoffer and many others. As independent developer of creative software he has contributed to the artistic works of a.o. Michel van der Aa, Louis Andriessen, Kas Oosterhuis, Bram Vreven and Jan van der Putte. As an artistic researcher, in the past years he has developed and realized a variety of projects and has contributed to the LOOS artistic research community, collaborating with many young artists. Since 2001 he has been a permanent staff member of the Sonology department at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.
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In 1994, when I started my studies Sonology, I began working with various music related programming or scripting languages; Max, Kyma, Csound, Lisp and SuperCollider. Later Puredata, Java, JavaScript, WebAudio, C and GenExpr were added to that list. I don’t consider myself a good programmer, but I find myself attracted to writing code in order to discover specific and personalized generative and transformative processes in the sound domain. Apart from sound processing, such coding activity also happens in the context of networking protocols, sensor data, machine learning and image processing. In the recent years I am seeking ways to connect such coding to the physical world—creating an excuse to get away from the computer screen. Some of the outcomes of this activity I enjoy sharing, hoping it might be useful to someone. Everything is in a folder structure that can be freely browsed.

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It is like lying sprawled on your back in a wide-open space looking up at the sky. All that you wish for immediately appears. No matter how much you may give away, there is always more. It is never exhausted. Try and see if you can attain this state of life.
Josei Toda