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PdParty • Pocket Code

PdParty; a project initiated by Dan Wilcox in 2011 has given us the means to run Puredata patches on an iOS device. In other words, it opens a way for using electronic instruments in pocket format. And it something that I use often in a variety of ways during my own performances. For instance in the form of one or two phones combined with a yummy Elektrosluch.

A favourite among such Puredata patches is based on what this fb post shows; chaotic behaviour based on an oscillator feeding back into itself. Others use options to record live sounds or even a version of Xenakis' Gendy model extended with movement sensor data. Some nerd advice: the fexpr~ object is great for such sample level approaches.



Emergence • Ant Nebulae


“Langton's ant is a two-dimensional universal Turing machine with a very simple set of rules but complex emergent behavior,” says Wikipedia. It’s a procedure that can be described as an ant walking on a lattice, which turns left or right depending on the color of the square it has landed on.

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OffAir • Tune in II

View of the app OffAir by jvkr

This is the 2017 remake of the application OffAir. This is for you when like that good old crackling radio sound…

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