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Johan van Kreij
Technology is often viewed as being cold, problematic, dangerous or even evil. However, it is not the technology but the the people who use it that determine its nature. For one thing, technology has allowed us to reach out to the infinitely small, the immensely large and the unfathomably remote, and those experiences may contribute to our understanding of what it means to be living as a human. In my own work I attempt to have technology play that role.

Johan van Kreij is a musician whose artistic output focuses primarily on improvisation and composition using electronics. He studied music at the Institute of Sonology from 1994 at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, graduating in 1998. Frequently he performs his music, both as a soloist and with other musicians.

Starting in 1998 van Kreij has participated in a long running and intensive collaboration with choreographer Ted Stoffer. This resulted in music composed to a great number of dance choreographies that were performed throughout Europe and the United States. And for more than a decade he has been active within the field of music theatre trough cooperations with Dick Raaijmakers and Paul Koek.

Another important aspect of his work is the development and realization of his own instruments. This development covers the fields of hardware—sensors and other electronics—used for gestural input, and software employing a wide range of sound synthesis models. In the role of developer, he has participated in many projects in the field of music, visual arts and architecture. Since 2001 he has been a permanent member of the teaching staff at Sonology.
Art is to the spirit what food is to the body: a necessity without which it cannot renew itself.
Daisaku Ikeda