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Everything mentioned below and more can be found in the public downloads section.

• code

Writing code represents part of the work I do, both in the context of my own performances and as contributions to the projects of others. Most of this code is based on Max—the application by Cycling74—and Miller Puckette's Pd. As extensions to Max I use quite a bit of Javascript and Gendsp.

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• c74 max stuff


DSPstrip view
DSPstrip.maxpat is a little utility that will nest itself, upon opening, in the right lower or upper corner. It provides quick access to a number of audio settings and the [esc] key can be used to toggle dsp. Since the introduction of the clearmaxwindow message in version 7.3.2, this function can be invoked with [shift]+[enter].


Take a look at the gendy patches, a stepwise introduction into this stochastic synthesis model.


This is a max patch implementing a simple Rungler in gen~. (see blog)

• applications

All applications are MacOS only — take into account that by default the system won't allow opening applications from unknown developers: open the "Security & Privacy" pane from System Preferences


If you like listening to the radio, OffAir is for you. It was created many years ago, but rebuilt in 2017, and most likely it will work. If it doesn’t, send me a note.

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Instructions: the left dial controls the level, the right dial changes the tuning. Use the [scan] button to automatically scan for stations.


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Havoxicon is a name given to this DSP environment, built around the so called Rungler. The Rungler is a control signal generator based on a shift register, and described by Rob Hordijk. The rest of this environment has some similarity with the Blippoo Box, a 12 potmeter mini synth made by Rob. For more info see this blog entry.

This application is built with Max from Cycling74. Should you have an iPad with Mira installed on it, then you can use that as a control device for Havoxicon.
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Havoxicon is free, and in it, the source code (at least, part of it) is included. You find it when you choose About Havoxicon from the menu.